• 2018/04/03 Welcome Andre Mbundo Quingueni to the lab as a research student.
  • 2018/03/05 Yuto Kishi received 4th JPN design contest award.
  • 2018/02/14 Congratulation to students who receives the Excellence Presentation Award
    M2 Yuto Kishi
    B4 Takuna Kaiwa
    B4 Ryota Matsura
  • 2017/11/26 Open lab at Chofu-sai
  • 2017/06/19 Welcome Prof. Nicola from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland as a visiting professor.

Welcome to Kitsuwan Lab

Let's control the network by software.

The Internet traffic becomes explosive due to endless request from users. Network administrators have to cope with a lot of difficulties to support the request. They have to learn configuration based on product's manual. Implementation of a new solution is difficult due to the limitation of product operating system. We study network technologies to make the network easier to be controlled, implement, and less complex.

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